It’s a Celebration!

I hope you read that title in Rick James’ voice. Dave Chappelle’s would also be acceptable.


I remember there was a time when I thought 36 was old. Clearly, I was a stupid teenager. I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, but fear not, I’m not freaking out. As I turn 36, I embrace my age. I love my birthday and I always celebrate it because getting older is a privilege not awarded to many.

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Here’s what I know for sure:

  1. I have a profound sense of who I am, although I am ever evolving.
    A close older friend, always told me that when she turned 30, she stopped caring about what other people thought and just did what she wanted. I am forever striving to be positive even when it’s difficult.
  2. I love sleep.
    I have always loved sleep, but in my formative years, I used to love sleeping in. Now I even love getting into bed early 🙂
  3. I love food: Good Food.
    Nuff said!
  4. I have some really good friends.
    My tribe is strong, supportive and always there.
  5. Family is everything.
    My father always used to stress the importance of family and Sean and I always disregarded him. My family is like fudge: “Mostly sweet, with a few nuts” 🙂
  6. I am content with less.
    Maybe this one has more to do with Hurricane Irma. There’s nothing like having a 185 mph hurricane beat down on your home to make you let go of the trivial things that you thought were important.
  7. We need to use our privilege for good.
    Male privilege, white privilege, straight privilege, even local privilege (sxmers understand that one): whatever your privilege is, use those good powers to fight evil. There are many atrocities that occur throughout the world to people who lack these privileges that you hold. Use yours to advocate for those who are without.
  8. My body doesn’t recover like before.
    I have aches and pains like nobody’s business – well it’s MY body’s business. I can’t imagine what 40 will feel like.
  9. Laugh lines are a good thing.
    It means that I laugh a lot…or smirkSmirk_Face_Emoji


Here’s to another 36 years…at least 🙂




I Don’t Know.

In hospitality, it was one of the first things I learned… Ok, maybe the second. The first was that if I wanted to have every weekend and holiday off, I needed a new career. The second thing was, ‘I don’t know.’ Verbatim. Often times, it’s followed with a “…, but let me check.”

As a new employee, you come in as the green and malleable rookie. You go through your training and then you are left to fend for yourself. Sink or swim. Thankfully, most times you are given floaties (a.k.a. your trainer). You start to gain your confidence, and then a guest asks you a question that leaves you dumbfounded and you have to utter those three words. Of course, you don’t know! You just got there.

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Gender Roles

I recently started a new job. I work for a food sales & distribution company. Given that it is a relatively small company with a tight-knit staff, no one has just one function. I am no exception. Within the first month, I had to make some deliveries in the delivery van. I don’t think I have ever seen that many heads turn because people realize that I’m female. The most notable encounters were with women. One female Security Guard said, “oh they have woman drivers?” Then she proceeded to question my ability to drive. In jest, I mentioned that I didn’t buy my license. After watching me maneuver the van, upon exit of the property, she concurred.

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I. Am. Woman.

I know you read the title and you added “hear me roar”. There isn’t going to be any roaring here. Well maybe a little bit 🙂

Given that tomorrow is International Women’s Day (March 8), I wanted to talk about women. In the past few months, I have met some phenomenal women. I already knew a lot of phenomenal women, but I’m happy that I have been fortunate enough to encounter some more.

I’m writing this blog to encourage us to spread more love, especially between us women. I hear women talk from time to time and it seems as though it is easy to highlight the negative. We speak hate. We need to stop this haterism. I try to keep a positive outlook and push my optimist agenda at any chance I get. In today’s world, where hate comes so easily, let’s all show some love.


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The Pursuit of Skinny-ness

I have never been slim. Genetics have a lot to do with it. My mum was slim for a large part of her life and never gained weight no matter what she ate. I feel like I fashioned my eating habits from her example, but I wasn’t blessed with a high metabolism. In turn, I have forever been in the pursuit of skinny-ness. My dad on the other hand tells me that even when he was a young man and he used to run all the time, he ‘always had a belly’. Thanks, Dad!

I am,  by no means,  a health freak. I’m lazy at times and I eat and drink too much. My diet is a pendulum swing of extremes. Complete over indulgence and complete avoidance. A binge and then a purge. I know it’s not a healthy lifestyle but at least it’s not all over indulgence.

I do have a back-up plan. Her name is Dayana. She’s my trainer. We have a tumultuous love-hate relationship. Okay, maybe that’s just a bit dramatic. I love her but I hate when I can’t bend down to pick up stuff. Thank goodness I have a toddler. I convince him to pick up stuff for me all the time.

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Bedtime Musings

My son Kai goes to daycare. I try my best everyday to make sure that he isn’t the last child at school. I, myself, have been the last child at school and it was never great. It wasn’t because my parents were neglectful but because they were working. Doing the right thing. Providing. Being productive. Making a difference.

Somehow, when I am late, or it is close to closing time, I feel as though I’m not doing a good enough job as a parent. So, I rush from work and pick up the little boy.

Today, I was stuck in traffic, which is not uncommon on St. Maarten. Thinking of my boy, sitting on the steps of the school feeling as though, I didn’t care. But as I drove up, I encountered something totally different than my imagined scenario. The teacher with Kai and 5 other children running around outside. He was having a blast yet happy to see me nonetheless.

I know some of you might be control-freak-over-thinkers, like me, but I am starting to believe that ultimately, as long as you love your children, keep it positive and do your best, everything is gonna be alright. 🙂


Not Good Enough…Pff

Print perfection has been a hot topic for a major part of my life. We see it everywhere. Photos are retouched: double chins erased, cellulite smoothed, dark circles lightened, waists trimmed and thigh gaps increased. Consider it like digital spa treatments and imagined circuit training. These are unrealistic ideals that we cannot attain. How am I supposed to measure up to that? I’m a 34 year old with the metabolism of a hibernating bear. In addition, I have a three year old who is looking for the party at 1 am. I’m practically made up of cellulite and dark circles.


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The Struggles of an Eternal Optimist

I am an optimist. An Eternal Optimist. Corny translation: I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. I try to see the silver lining of every cloud. I could continue with more cliches but you get my point. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, but I try get over them quickly.


I will forever see the good in someone even after I’ve been burned. I guess, to some people, that makes me foolish, but I don’t feel that way. I don’t just hope for the best, I expect it.

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Island Girlfriends

I was always a tomboy. Growing up with a brother who pushed my limits, I always felt the need to compete. My brother, Sean, is 3 years my senior and I looked up to him and wanted to be just like him. If he climbed a tree, I had to climb higher. If he rode his bicycle, I had to ride faster. I didn’t always succeed, but I tried. My mother would try and try to no avail to keep me in a dress and inside the house playing with dolls and tiny china sets. I wanted none of that. I constantly fought the double standards and my parents soon learned that I was an equal opportunity child. If Sean did it, why couldn’t I? After many scraped knees and broken bones, I think they were resigned to the fact that this was me.

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