The Struggles of an Eternal Optimist

I am an optimist. An Eternal Optimist. Corny translation: I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. I try to see the silver lining of every cloud. I could continue with more cliches but you get my point. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, but I try get over them quickly.


I will forever see the good in someone even after I’ve been burned. I guess, to some people, that makes me foolish, but I don’t feel that way. I don’t just hope for the best, I expect it.


Apparently, I was this way from birth. My mother said that I was always singing and happy. Not much has changed!

While it’s great to be this optimistic, seeing the glass as half full all of the time can have its challenges.

Here are my struggles as an Eternal Optimist:

  1. The words: At least are frequently used words in my conversations. 
    Whenever someone tells me something inconvenient that happened to them, I have to start my commentary with ‘at least’.
    Them: I got into an accident with my car and have to replace my bumper.
    Me: At least it’s not a total loss.
    I imagine that this is frustrating for some people lol.
  2. People think my life is easy because I’m happy and optimistic.
    Life is hard sometimes for everyone, but so far, I take it in stride. I hope that I am able to keep it up. Because I’m optimistic, people aren’t accustomed to seeing me- on the odd chance -in a FML mood.
  3. People think I’m living in a dream world.
    This is because my hopes are always up! I had two optimistic conversations recently with my husband and a friend (both realists) who told me that I may be too optimistic. I refuse to believe it. I always keep hope alive.
  4. It’s extremely difficult for me to be around negative people. 
    When I say difficult, I mean exhausting. It take such effort to deflect their negativity and keep positive vibes. For my sanity, sometimes avoidance is the only way.
  5. People often think I’m naive.
    Just because I don’t expect the worst, doesn’t mean I’m naive. I just choose to focus my thoughts and energies on the positive.
  6. It affects me more when someone lets me down.
    Because I see the good in people and therefore have high expectations, when someone lets me down my disappointment is greater.



I refuse to let go of my eternal optimism. It’s who I am adn I have to be true.


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