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Bedtime Musings

My son Kai goes to daycare. I try my best everyday to make sure that he isn’t the last child at school. I, myself, have been the last child at school and it was never great. It wasn’t because my parents were neglectful but because they were working. Doing the right thing. Providing. Being productive. Making a difference.

Somehow, when I am late, or it is close to closing time, I feel as though I’m not doing a good enough job as a parent. So, I rush from work and pick up the little boy.

Today, I was stuck in traffic, which is not uncommon on St. Maarten. Thinking of my boy, sitting on the steps of the school feeling as though, I didn’t care. But as I drove up, I encountered something totally different than my imagined scenario. The teacher with Kai and 5 other children running around outside. He was having a blast yet happy to see me nonetheless.

I know some of you might be control-freak-over-thinkers, like me, but I am starting to believe that ultimately, as long as you love your children, keep it positive and do your best, everything is gonna be alright. 🙂



As kids we all have gripes with regard to how our parents raised us. I’m not an exception. I have looked at my friends’ parents and thought,  I wish my parents were like that. At the same time, I can tell you that I have also seen other parents and I thanked my lucky stars. In any case, it could be better, but it could always be worse. Maybe your mom never came to any of your games, or recitals, or plays (or insert extra curricular activity display here). It could very well be that maybe she was providing for your little ungrateful butt. 🙂 It’s important to see things from different perspectives. I feel that perspective contributes a great deal to growth.

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