Not Gon’ Cry

Here I am standing in the airport. I’m having a Mary J. Blige (circa 1995) moment telling myself that I’m ‘Not Gon’ Cry’. Clearly, I must be delusional with the tears running down my face. Aysa is leaving. Off to go conquer the world. 

13 years is a long time: to watch someone grow up; To see them fall and get back up again; to have them annoy the hell out of you. Lol!

Here’s to 13 years of licking my face (ew!), letting each other hear our favourite new songs, dancing together, wet fetes, laughing together, crying together, lying on top of me, complaining because you have to do the dishes, snapping me when I’m dancing in the kitchen (is that how you say it?), tripping on me for saying I’m getting old, baking brownies, hosting sleepovers, holding my hand (even when I try to pull away lol) and being real.

I know you aren’t gone forever, but it’ll be weird that you’ll be so far away. 

I love you and I will miss you like crazy but go kick Holland’s butt! 

Mama Cherise