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The Pursuit of Skinny-ness

I have never been slim. Genetics have a lot to do with it. My mum was slim for a large part of her life and never gained weight no matter what she ate. I feel like I fashioned my eating habits from her example, but I wasn’t blessed with a high metabolism. In turn, I have forever been in the pursuit of skinny-ness. My dad on the other hand tells me that even when he was a young man and he used to run all the time, he ‘always had a belly’. Thanks, Dad!

I am,  by no means,  a health freak. I’m lazy at times and I eat and drink too much. My diet is a pendulum swing of extremes. Complete over indulgence and complete avoidance. A binge and then a purge. I know it’s not a healthy lifestyle but at least it’s not all over indulgence.

I do have a back-up plan. Her name is Dayana. She’s my trainer. We have a tumultuous love-hate relationship. Okay, maybe that’s just a bit dramatic. I love her but I hate when I can’t bend down to pick up stuff. Thank goodness I have a toddler. I convince him to pick up stuff for me all the time.

Anyway, I’m straying from the point I was trying to make. In my pursuit of skinny-ness, I am learning new things. I am starting to embrace this body that I was given. Too often, we focus on the negative. (I feel like I have said this in at least half of my blogs). So I don’t have slim legs; at least, I can walk. So I have a belly; that belly housed my beautiful son for 9 months. I have many other imperfections, as do many of us. Let’s convince ourselves that we are imperfectly perfect.

I will leave you with this photo that a friend shared on FaceBook.


I have decided to change my pursuit of skinny-ness to a pursuit of happy-ness. It’ll make for a better me <3.




8 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Skinny-ness”

  1. Thank you Cherise for this blog. I too have always struggled with weight… and at an early age, although others around me thought me too arrogant to do so, loved my body. At thirty, (I’m now 40 and change) made a conscious decision to not apologize for my curves, rolls, voluptuousness, bountifulness, stretch marks, while others stare in amazement, (or with a “how dare she” discerned glare) about my body. Thank you… yours in “roundness”


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