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Confessions of an Anxious Irma Survivor

You must have heard of Hurricane Irma. What a b*tch! She damaged us. She made us weary. She took away our conveniences. At 185 mph, she left us broken, but she did give us a few good things:

  • Togetherness – sitting on my porch with neighbours eating, drinking and chatting
  • Gratitude – appreciating the fact that I still had life, a roof, friends and family
  • Perspective – understanding what matters, and seeing that we take so much for granted

Besides these positives, she left me in another way.


I have woken up in a panic. Worrying about what’s coming next. You can tell me that I shouldn’t live my life waiting for something bad to happen, but I’m scarred. Whenever a news article enters my newsfeed with the words tropical, cyclone, outlook, prediction, active…(enter National Hurricane Center buzzword here) my heart skips a beat.

The Type-A Personality has taken over and I wonder:

What can we do better?
How can we be more prepared?
Can we crawl under a rock?
Can we build a safe room?
Can we jump on a plane and flee?
Can we relocate?

I say some of these in jest, but I can’t say that they didn’t all cross my mind.

Naturally, I already have a list of things to start buying, in order to beat the rush. Anyone else would read that and think, but it’s EARLY…Well, so what if the hurricane season doesn’t start until June?! A girl’s gotta be prepared!

I have a Plan A, B, C & D and I will probably obsess over it until November 30th.

Anyone want to join my support group?



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My Evolution as a Step-Parent

I had a 6 year old daughter at 22 years old. No, I wasn’t a teenage mom. Shyam had a daughter and she became mine. As was expected, it wasn’t all coming-up-roses right from the start. I had to gain her trust and respect. I got the “you’re not my mother” speech more than once and I was confronted with adolescent moods all of the time.


Before I met her, I thought that the world revolved around me. Literally. At least, my world did. And here I was face to face with a little girl with a big personality. She was here to test me. She taught me to be selfless. She taught me to be patient. She taught me many things about myself. And after many trials & tribulations, she made me a better person. She prepared me for motherhood. On top of all that, she has no idea what she has done for me. (Well maybe now she does :P) Having this girl in my life changed me.

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♫Leh We Dance♫

I stepped up to the exit Immigration Officer in St. Maarten. She said, “Girl, where are you going?” Unable to tame my smile, I replied, “Trini Carnival!” She then said “You are gonna be on Team No Sleep”, and with that, the adventure began. For every Soca Lover/Island girl, Trinidad Carnival is the dream: The Soca Mecca.

I waited on LIAT, anxious for its arrival. Given their notoriety for being delayed, I wouldn’t condone missing my connection. Luckily, the flight arrived on time and we left shortly thereafter. I was dreading the many stops on LIAT to get to Trinidad; however, I was lucky to meet a very nice Antiguan, named Misty, who helped me keep my sanity. The Caribbean is full of warm friendly people. We chatted about the differences between Antigua and St. Maarten. She told me that this was her third year going to Trinidad for carnival and we were both excited of what was to come: Bacchanal! After we arrived, we exchanged information and I promised we would meet up at one of the fetes. Given that I was lucky enough to be accompanying my husband, Shyam, on his trip for the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, I was ready for the trip to start.

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We live in a technologically driven world. We are addicts. There’s always another video, another article, another tweet, another post, another page, another pin, and another picture. Without fear of dating myself, I must say: the younger generation is worse. These young people watch Vines. For those of you who don’t know, Vines are videos that can only be 6 seconds long. Their “time” is so limited they can only allow 6 seconds to watch each video. 6 seconds! Technology has shortened our attention spans. Continue reading “Disconnect”