Island Life, Kai, Love, Soca, St. Maarten

My Island Life

I am the Epitome of an island girl.

I love music: Soca music, to be more specific. It speaks to me. I want to ‘jam in de band’.


The ocean is my solace. I want to ‘drink a rum’ and play in the sand. Listening to waves and feeling the salt spray is my therapy. It may all sound cliche, but these are my roots.

che beach

I was born in Barbados, to a ‘nice lady’ from Barbuda and a Vincentian fella and raised in St. Vincent and St. Maarten. The islands are mine and I am theirs. When I left for college to live with my brother, Sean, in Toronto, being that far away from home, I always felt that something was missing. All roads led me back to the island life, to which, I was accustomed. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been back and I can’t imagine living my life anywhere else.


A good friend of mine described St. Maarten as ‘big city, island living’. The possibilities are endless here and I feel blessed to be a part of it. My parents put so much effort into raising this little island girl. Now, it’s my turn. My husband, Shyam and I have a lovely little island boy named Kai. He’s so vibrant and full of life; just like me. It’s our little family with my Kai & Aysa (my bonus daughter :)!





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